The Studio

The Spaces Studio was created essentially to meet with and discuss interior plans for ongoing projects. However, while it was coming together I decided to create a concept store of sorts within the same space. Thus, the Spaces Studio sells a carefully curated and one-of-a-kind selection of eclectic products that have been handpicked from different brands and artists locally as well as during my travels.

The idea behind the Studio was for it to have an element of discovery and experience – so the products and designs tend to change regularly. I wanted this space to be inspirational for those doing up their homes, or simply looking for something special to gift. The Studio offers a wide range of home accessories, books, furniture, & art and has been designed along clean lines and a modern aesthetic and serves as a unique space within Lahore.


We Offer

Design Consultation & Space Planning
Remodeling & Refurbishment
Interior Design Solutions
Bespoke Furniture & Curated Home Accessories